Pet Supermarket Springs Forward With Seasonal Essentials for Pet Care

Pet Supermarket announces an online reservation system for scheduling dog washes and lines its shelves with the latest flea-and-tick prevention products, premium wellness supplements and new-pet essentials

SUNRISE, Fla., April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pet Supermarket, a specialty pet supply retailer with over 225 locations across the U.S. Southeast, is springing into action this season with services and products tailored to improve the lives of furry, feathered and scaled friends.

Schedule a Spring Cleaning at the Tap of a Button

The retailer has announced the introduction of an online reservation portal allowing pet parents to make their self-serve dog wash reservations ahead of in-store visits. Customers can now conveniently plan this step of their pet-care needs by heading to

Pet Supermarket’s individual dog wash stations offer everything needed to easily bathe pets, including a variety of shampoos and conditioners to cater to different coat types, fresh towels for a cozy dry-off, and animal-safe dryers to ensure a fluff-worthy finish. Plus, Pet Supermarket provides treats for good behavior – because every well-groomed pup deserves a reward!

“As the seasons change and spring arrives, we anticipate pet parents’ wanting to refresh their routines and indulge in a little extra TLC,” said Rich Tannenbaum, CEO of Pet Supermarket. “Whether on a pampering experience with a refreshing bath or a quick trip to stock up on flea-and-tick essentials, our customers are welcoming the season with open arms and wagging tails.”

Prevent Fleas and Ticks Before They Strike

In addition to accessing convenience through the dog-wash reservation portal, customers can be navigated toward peace of mind with Pet Supermarket’s wide array of flea-and-tick prevention products. From pills and chews to sprays and shampoos, Pet Supermarket’s offerings are crucial toward staying vigilant early in the season.

Options include proactive treatments, like Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix, renowned for their efficacy in repelling fleas and ticks while maintaining a gentle touch on pets’ delicate skin. Formulated with ingredients that not only target existing infestations but also create a protective barrier to prevent future ones, the selection at Pet Supermarket helps furry friends stay healthy and happy throughout the spring season and beyond.

Discover the Wellness Rituals Pets Deserve

Pet Supermarket’s recently launched Health & Wellness Center is blooming with products and resources to support pets’ overall well-being. The selection includes premium foods and supplements, from trusted brands like Skout’s Honor and Naturvet, to support optimal nutrition and ensure pets are ready to welcome the spring months with vitality.

Embracing the season of renewal, Pet Supermarket has a range of calming products available on shelves and online. From soothing wearables and diffusers to premium CBD oils and treats, these calming solutions are carefully curated to help pets navigate stress and anxiety.

“So many of us are on the go in the springtime, and with the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s important to have products that can help our pets stay calm and relaxed,” said Jennifer Gabelman, Vice President of Marketing at Pet Supermarket. “When their pets are calm, it makes life more enjoyable for our customers and their loved ones. We always seek to provide them with the tools they need to keep their pets in good health.”

Welcome a New Pet With Today’s Essentials

Spring is a season of blossoming life, and Pet Supermarket is equipped with a variety of new-pet essentials to help families prepare for the arrival of a new member. With the convenience of online shopping and in-store pickup, customers can easily find and purchase essentials from anywhere.

As a show of appreciation for its growing communities, Pet Supermarket is extending a Welcome Home Bundle to new pet parents. When customers purchase a live bird, fish, small animal or reptile, they will save 20% off habitats, supplies and food in-store. From cozy blankets to nutritious meals, Pet Supermarket has a wide range of products to welcome home furry, feathered and scaled friends with ease.

To learn more about Pet Supermarket’s springtime lineup, including dog-wash services, flea-and-tick prevention products, premium wellness supplements and new-pet essentials, visit

Pet Supermarket is a one-stop shop offering a broad selection of premium pet food, supplies and services sold by trained professional staff who provide knowledgeable and friendly assistance. Pet Supermarket has over 225 locations equipped to provide pet parents with the convenience to shop locally in a community-oriented and welcoming environment. In addition, Pet Supermarket’s robust e-commerce experience includes standard and same-day delivery nationwide. To learn more about Pet Supermarket, visit

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