ShopLiftr Expands Dynamic Ad Tech Offering to D.I.Y., Furniture and Restaurants

OTTAWA, ON, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Building off the tremendous success of amplifying grocery products from brands and leading retailers, ShopLiftr has expanded its ad tech solution to clients in a variety of new product categories, already garnering impressive results. The demand by consumers for relevant deals has only increased with rising prices across all industry sectors, and brands and retailers alike are taking note of ways to connect their shoppers with the products and savings they are seeking. ShopLiftr is responding by leveraging the versatility of its trade promotion database to import real-time deals from new categories to programmatically serve, hyper-local ads with flexible messaging that generate greater engagement and notable sales lift results. 

The compelling marketing strategy presented by ShopLiftr lies in the ability to import trade promotion data from any digital flyer and dynamically inject deal information and store locations directly into the digital display and video ad units. Ads are then targeted to shoppers, in specific markets, instantaneously.

In 2022, ShopLiftr expanded to serve new verticals including hardware and furniture stores in both the United States and Canada. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for tools, hardware, and supplies are 15.21% higher in 2022 versus 2020. Additionally, prices for furniture and bedding are 21.33% higher during the same period. The interest generated by the hardware and furniture sector reveals that food is not the only commodity where consumers are cost-conscious and value-seeking, and the need for innovative, relevant, and localized content is essential.

Since the inception of our database, it has always been the goal for ShopLiftr to apply its transmutable capabilities to be able to promote all goods and products, where the need arose,” commented Chief Technology Officer, Peter Thomas. “Now that we have attained great success with the CPG market, it is the right time to explore just how powerful this tool is designed to be.”

Moving into 2023, ShopLiftr has already garnered interest from additional D.I.Y. retailers and has its eye on moving into the restaurant sector. With a YoY 8.3-percent increase in prices for food away from home, empowering restaurants and quick-service chains to promote their feature items and promotions via a dynamic digital ad tech platform in real-time is an effective strategy to appeal to conserving consumers. 

With inflation at an unprecedented high and no slowdown in sight, reaching consumers where they are, both physically and financially, with applicable, accurate promotions, is the key to brand and retailer success across any product category. ShopLiftr is excited to branch out and to arm new advertising partners with the latest in ad tech capabilities proven to drive sales lift and engagement.

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About ShopLiftr

ShopLiftr is a digital ad technology company that aggregates and amplifies the largest collection of trade promotions, connecting shoppers with real-time, localized deals. ShopLiftr partners with the largest CPG brands and retailers in the world to deliver personalized digital advertising experiences at scale across North America.    


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