Vision Group Network Unlocks Convenience Retail Insights with Complimentary Vision Reports

Vision Group Network Unlocks Convenience Retail Insights with Complimentary Vision Reports

AUSTIN, Texas, May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A trio of retail veterans have created an information sharing model that is disrupting the traditional way insights and experiences of leading business executives are shared with the wider industry community.

Founded by Myra Kressner, Eva Strasburger and Roy Strasburger, the Vision Group Network (VGN) brings together, in virtual group meetings, leaders from the retail, foodservice, and fuel/energy industries, the supplier community, and subject matter experts to create a knowledge base of experience and innovative ideas. VGN provides ongoing forums where the invited members listen to presentations, question the experts, debate all sides of the issue, relate experiences, and brainstorm solutions in a virtual format that has all of the dynamics of a face-to-face meeting.

The mission of VGN is to share its members’ knowledge and innovative ideas, following the premise that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Ideas and perspectives from Vision Group meetings are available to everyone through a series of Vision Reports, intended to help all retailers, suppliers and industry affiliates, regardless of size, understand current challenges, solutions and opportunities.

All Vision Reports are available for free.

According to Annie Gauthier, CFO/Co-CEO with St Romain Oil/Y-Not stop, operating 14 stores in central Louisiana, “I was honored to be invited to join the Convenience Leaders Vision Group. I was excited about the opportunity to have important conversations that we sometimes don’t have in other forums throughout the industry. I think the fact that CLVG captures those conversations and memorializes them in reports that can then be shared, adds tremendous value for all retailers and suppliers in our industry as we continue to learn and collaborate together to improve the industry.” 

Currently, Vision Group Network has three forums in place: The Vision Group (TVG), Convenience Leaders Vision Group (CLVG) and Convenience Technology Vision Group (CTVG) which meet quarterly. Additional Vision Groups will be introduced in 2024.

Each Vision Report focuses on a specific topic or group of topics which the members discuss and explore. What makes the Vision Report uniquely informative is that it consists of two parts: “Views”, which is a summary of the discussion that includes additional research and resources and “In the Room”, a transcript of the meeting so that readers can understand how the ideas are created and pick up on the nuances of the conversation. 

The Vision Reports that have been published included topics such as 

  • The changing c-store retailing landscape 
  • New ways of navigating changing workforce
  • The “when” and “how” of EV charging adoption 
  • AI: The next epic event 
  • How far is too far in data collection? 
  • Next generation retail systems 

Retailers can learn about what really works and what doesn’t, read about future trends, challenges, and opportunities, and become familiar with industry leaders and their business strategies. Suppliers glean a better understanding of the needs and frustrations of their customers. Subject matter experts gain feedback and validation for their views and information so that they can be adjusted to more accurately reflect the real retail world.

JP Patel, who owns 4 stores in Alabama, agrees. “I’m very excited to be part of Convenience Leaders Vision Group. We’ve met several times and discussed quite a few topics that are happening in our industry. At times, being part of this industry, you hear a lot of noise. So it’s an amazing opportunity to spend time and learn with a group of industry leaders who are always wanting to stay ahead of the curve. Meeting once a quarter virtually for a couple of hours is very convenient to discuss the issues at hand. Any ideas that came out of that meeting get shared with the industry as a Vision Report that summarizes all the ideas, and also provides a transcript that you can follow as if you were there as part of the meeting.” 

“I’m glad the meeting outcome will be public. I love sharing my point of view to support the greater good,” says Convenience Technology Vision Group (CTVG) member Nick Peters, VP IT with Campbell Oil. This can help ‘normalize the playing field’. I appreciate having large, medium and small retail companies as members and really enjoyed the collaborative effort of the group that you don’t often get in meetings.”

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