TruPro Elites Spotlights Season’s Vital E-Commerce Trends

The Leading E-Commerce Advisor Details What Items Will Be Hot This Summer and Provides Valuable Insights for E-Commerce Professionals

Getting ahead of summer shopping trends can be vital for e-commerce retailers. TruPro Elites, a consulting agency that advises businesses on running e-commerce platforms like Amazon stores, identifies what retailers can expect consumers to demand this summer — like how during the summer shopping season, some products — such as pool items and clothing products — sell more in the summer months, but other items endure throughout the year. 

"The summer months are crucial for the e-commerce industry, especially for sellers," said Anthony Wilson, CEO of TruPro Elites. "While the summer months typically are a slow period for buyers, there are several types of products that will always be in demand. For e-commerce professionals, it is vital to know what to sell during this time and for how long."  

Certain products, like floaties, sunscreen, towels and anything for pool and beach fun, can be evergreen items, but demand can spike during the summer season. Others are also vital for outdoor activities but are less obvious. "Several products will always be popular during this time of year, like anything to do with water. But shoppers also want pesticide products, with the rise of mosquitoes and flies in the hot weather," Wilson said.  

Other surprises are clothes that seem better suited for fall or winter but still sell more in the summer, such as hoodies. "It's crazy, but hoodie sales go up during this time," Wilson said. "In the summer, hoodies from private-label clothing stores are, for whatever reason, popular, stylish, and very common."  

Retailers also should be conscious of how seasons in the United States and Canada differ from other parts of the world. "Our summer is Australia's winter, so if you are selling across platforms, your product may be able to go year-round because as soon as our summer ends, their springtime starts, and they buy the same summer products," Wilson said.  

Retailers also can expect people to buy more impulsively in the summer. "You definitely see people a little bit more impulsive because they're out more from being cooped up in the house, so they buy a lot more," Wilson said.  

E-Commerce Sales Increasing  

According to ComScore, an audience measurement firm, the total value of e-commerce transactions in the U.S. was more than $1 trillion in 2022. Post-pandemic and uncertain economic situations have not stopped people from continuing to choose to shop online. Morgan Stanley predicts transaction value will increase to $5.4 trillion by 2026, with e-commerce sales forming 27% of total retail sales (e-commerce and traditional brick-and-mortar).  

E-commerce businesses have advantages over brick-and-mortar stores, which have more overheads with constant expenses and more difficulty reordering popular-selling products.  

"You don't get that same trend because if you're doing it properly, you're not overstocked in anything," Wilson said. "With e-commerce, if a product is moving slowly, you don't need to over-leverage yourself.  

"I see e-commerce sales continue to grow in scale because people no longer like to go into stores," Wilson said. "Many shoppers just want to buy something to feel better, like a perfume that makes someone feel good."  

5 Tips to Improve E-Commerce Sales  

TruPro Elites offers the following suggestions for overall e-commerce sales improvement:  

  • Use repricing tools 
  • Optimize your product pages 
  • Stay on top of your stock  
  • Review your shipping and service fees  
  • Sell internationally (one of the biggest future-growth drivers)  

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About TruPro Elites  

TruPro Elites is an Atlanta-based e-commerce consulting agency established in 2021. Our goal is to assist individuals in achieving long-term sustainable financial freedom by providing reliable passive-income options that yield consistent results and predictable returns. Our proven expertise has helped create over 100+ Amazon stores, and our motto "Trust the Process" reflects our commitment to achieving the best results for our clients. Our team coaches and trains individuals to successfully run their own Amazon storefronts using a calculated approach to determine the right products to feature and sell, along with offering done-for-you and placement services. Choose TruPro Elites to guide you on your path to financial independence.  

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