The Allergy-Friendly, Vegan Indian Sauce That Is Reinventing Home Cooking

The Allergy-Friendly, Vegan Indian Sauce That Is Reinventing Home Cooking

Guru Foods Indian Sauces Is Redefining Health Food and Quality Homefront Cooking — All With a Single Jar of Sauce

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harry “Guru” Khanna has spent a lifetime studying one thing above all else: sauce. After years spent running his own pub in Toronto, Khanna left the bustling life of restaurant ownership to pursue another facet of culinary entrepreneurship. He wanted to create his own line of Indian sauces.

“There are lots of Indian sauces available in the market,” Khanna explains, “but I wanted to create something special. I wanted to develop a line of Indian Sauces that were unique and elegant while also being good for you.” This goal meant Khanna’s sauces couldn’t be filled with preservatives, allergens, or even dairy products (heavy creams and milk are common in Indian cooking).

To accomplish this, Khanna set to work developing his own recipes. He already had an avid following that loved his curry dishes from his brick-and-mortar restaurant, but he knew he wanted to go further. He visited India and studied the secrets of sauce from his motherland. He also tapped the unique benefits of an innovative form of spice grinding that uses a cryogenic grinder to avoid burning the spices and keep their taste and nutritional elements intact.

After years of development, Khanna had come up with the perfect concoction. His sauces started with basic healthy ingredients, such as extra virgin olive oil, Himalayan salt, and the aforementioned cryogenically ground spices. The creator also strove to make his sauce recipes as inclusive as possible so that anyone could enjoy them. In the end, this meant adhering to a smorgasbord of health standards, including the fact that Guru Foods Indian Sauces are vegan, low-fat, and free of top allergen as reported by the FDA. This meant Khanna’s sauces don’t have:

  • Gluten
  • Nuts
  • Sesame seeds
  • Shellfish
  • Tree nuts
  • Dairy
  • Cholesterol
  • Trans fats
  • MSG
  • Added sugars

To top it off, the sauce self-preserves well and can be added to a homemade dish in a matter of minutes. This enables homeowners to reproduce restaurant-quality Indian dishes at home using their choice of dairy or non-dairy milk. The result is a self-prepared Indian food option that is revolutionizing the concept of “eating in” and setting a new gold standard for homefront cooking.

About Guru Foods Indian Sauces

Guru Foods Indian Sauces was launched in 2009 by Harry “Guru” Khanna. The Indian ex-restaurant owner created his own commercial sauce label to give a global audience access to his premium Indian sauces. These highly sought-after culinary condiments utilize cryogenic spices, extra virgin olive oil, and Himalayan salt and are vegan, low-fat, top allergen safe, and free of dairy, gluten, trans-fat, MSG, cholesterol, and additives. Learn more at

Harvinder Khanna
Guru Food Product LTD.
416 897 5389
[email protected]com

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