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Do you like postcards?

Do you fancy collecting traditional paper postcards from around the world? Are you into exchanging them for the ones that are missing in your collection? Or are you participating in international postcard sharing activities, fairs and meetings? If yes, then, this app is for you! Revive the experience of receiving a real postcard and bring back all the good memories by creating your mobile collection!

Build your personal postcard planet by adding them to your map and check the places you receive the most from!

Share your entire map, a single postcard or the whole collection with your friends, family and other collectors interested in swapping with you!

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How does it work?

Take a picture

Of your postcard, from both sides.

Where is it from?

Set the origin of the postcard to build the map.

Add some info

This will help you to organize and filter your collection.

Share with others

Why not share with others when you get a new postcard!

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